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On launch, Offeez will be the UK’s Home For Standing Desks.

The standing desk industry is expected to experience growth in the double digits (%) by 2025. By which point the standing desk will be common in the workplace. There is a worrying flood of poor quality standing desk products currently, with many firms simply rebranding generic and poor quality frames and motor systems. But with Offeez on the cusp on launch, they won’t be around much longer. Right now we are dedicated to creating a standing desk worthy of being in every office. Our frames use linear motors from the trusted industry leader in actuator manufacturing. We do not compromise on quality. Offeez create standing desks that we would actually want to use.

Our choice of desktop materials will be second to none. Currently, we are trying to find reliable suppliers who can meet the high standards necessary for the range of real wood tops we will be offering. Alongside, there will also be more affordable, yet equally impressive, solid wood alternatives. These will be extremely durable, and last for years in even the toughest office environment. Every standing desk will have industry leading electronics. The dual motor frames will be able to comfortably lift over 120kg and remain standing at any height.

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Combining health benefits of a standing desk, with high-quality materials, aesthetically pleasing design, and great value – Offeez Standing Desks are the number one choice in the UK. Offeez design and manufacture high quality products to satisfy the demands of our customers, with industry leading support. Standing desks are electric height adjustable, sit-stand, office desks. Our goal is to revolutionise the workplace… We don’t think that’s too ambitious.

The Main Features of an Offeez desk:

  • Full-electric height adjustability
  • Effortless functionality and ergonomics
  • Premium (and  rigorously tested) materials
  • Timeless designs to suit any space
  • Lifetime support to all customers
  • Free delivery on all models of height adjustable tables

Working whilst standing up is proven to have a vast array of health benefits. Furthermore, an adjustable desktop allows the user to adjust the level to be perfectly ergonomic even when seated. There is no need to standing up at all times. Just 1 hour a day of being stood up with good posture will allow you to reap a huge amount of health benefits. For more information about sit-stand desks, check out this link for the cheatsheet. Expect the launch of our initial line of super high quality and office-ready products before the end of 2018. Free Next Day Delivery to mainland the United Kingdom will be available on all on All Models.

Electric and adjustable

What is the Offeez Standing Desk?

  • Our core product range is our standing desks that use real wood and provide a number of health benefits.
  • We always offer free delivery.
  • Check out accessories.
  • Along with standing desks, we sell premium standing mats and ergonomic office chairs.
  • Our range will be varied, allowing our customers to find products to suit their needs.